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Commercial Investment Consulting In Georgia

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Complete Investment Management in Batumi & Tbilisi Georgia From A to Z

Maximizing return on your commercial investment in Batumi while you live and work in another country is challenging.

Let the professional team at Proprietas investments take care of all of those details for you.

Our professional consulting team will keep you informed with business analysis, contracts, and the proper procedure with local and national government officials.

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What Are Some Possible Commercial Investments In Batumi?

Batumi, Tbilisi Georgia

orbi city skyline batumi georgia

Development and Construction

Tourism infrastructure account for over 70% of Georgia GDP. Many small to large construction projects are looking for investment capital. Hotels, Casinos, shopping, restaurants and housing are all looking for expansion and giving high returns for foreign investors.

Batumi, Tbilisi Georgia

commercial warehouse storage georgia

Commercial Storage & Logistics

Batumi and Poti are both deep sea ports on the Black Sea with growing cargo growth. Import of goods from Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan Romania and Ukraine are on going .

Batumi, Tbilisi Georgia

manufacturing in georgia


Trades Zones established with Europe and the Middle East puts Georgia in a prime location for new manufacturing opportunities. Georgia has a large and educated work force to compete with new manufacturing opportunities in IT, medical, aerospace, and consumer consumables

Batumi, Tbilisi Georgia

highway construction georgia

Transportation Contracts

Georgia’s large investment and tourism growth has created opportunities for transportation construction and maintenance contacts. Highways, airports, port facilities, logistic hubs and metro systems are being built to service the fast growing economy.

Batumi, Tbilisi Georgia

agricultural production in georgia

Agricultural Production

Georgia is located between several of the worlds large populations in Europe and Asia. With its moderate climate and large areas of agricultural land there are many opportunities for agricultural production, packaging and distribution. Georgia also has climates ready for unique products.

Poti, Tbilisi Georgia

georgia free trade zone

Free Trade Zone

Georgia has Free Trade Zones located on deep sea ports that allow many opportunities to import raw materials, fabricate or produce products and ship to foreign markets in Europe and the Middle East with 0% taxes. Large prebuilt warehouses and a trained workforce are ready to start.

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Investment management in Batumi Georgia is something we take very seriously. We understand that you want your investment property handled with white glove hands and to deliver the best return on investment possible.

That’s why we specialize in commercial investment management only, so our team is focused on doing one thing really well.

Services Offered

  • Property Investment Services
  • Business Analysis
  • Property Evaluation
  • Legal Real Estate Service
  • Commercial Hotel Management
  • Villa Complex Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Building Management
  • Real Estate Management

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